Steve Hemphill

Steve Hemphill

I was born in central Texas, went to a Christian college, and now live in Northeast Texas. I was a business owner for over 25 years. But my passion is the Lord. Dad died in August of 2000, which ended up resulting in my first book, my search for the Real Heaven. It was truly a “God project.” I didn’t want to write about him because the sweet memories about him were a gentle reminder that we’re temporarily separated. Several other Christians--independent of each other--felt compelled to encourage me to write about my journey, delving into the Bible, trying to glean every single tidbit about heaven that I could find. When I finally relented, spending over five years in research, analysis, examination, meditation, and organization of these discoveries, I suddenly realized how “political” it is to get published by a traditional publisher. So I wrote in my prayer journal, “Lord, I wrote it, but if you want it published, I’m asking you to open a door, because I don’t stand a chance against the politics of this new world of writing.” I finished it on a Friday, submitted it the following Monday, and had a contract offer within 48 hours. When God wants something done, He doesn’t fool around!
I plan to spend the rest of my useful life in service to the Kingdom in this way, writing, speaking, and getting others truly excited about heaven. I believe that many false, unscriptural ideas about heaven actually squelch the spirit of evangelism. If we aren’t excited about heaven, why would we go to any trouble to take others with us by converting them? And Jesus will not return until we’ve taken the gospel to the whole world (Matthew 24:14).

If you would like to have me come speak, simple click the “Email me” button to the left. It will connect you with me @ Thanks for visiting the Prayer Thoughts web site. Enjoy.

Your servant, Steve.

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