Insights About Angels


Old Testament - click to open


Exodus 3:2a


The Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses on Mt. Sinai in a Burning Bush

Exodus 16:24


Israel Obeyed God, & the Extra Manna Didn't Spoil

Exodus 16:31


Manna Tasted Like Wafers Made With Honey


Numbers 11:7


Manna Looks Like Coriander Seeds

Numbers 11:8


Manna Was Ground Up, Boiled, & Made Into Delicious Cakes

Numbers 11:9


Manna Came Down from Heaven with the Dew Each Night

2 Samuel  


2 Samuel 24:16


Angels Powerfully Execute God's Will

2 Chronicles  


2 Chronicles 18:18


God has Meetings in His Throne Room with His Angelic Army

2 Chronicles 18:19


God has Strategy Meetings with His Angelic Army to Accomplish His Purposes


Job 2:1


God has Important Meetings in the Unseen

Job 38:6-7


God Laid the Foundations of Earth as Angels Cheered


Psalm 18:10


God's Arrival is Accompanied by Angels

Psalm 78:25


Manna is Angel Bread, & God sent Israel Plenty



Jeremiah 32:18b


God is Great & Powerful, & Has an Awesome Army

Jeremiah 33:3


Pray to God & You will Learn Important Secrets



Daniel 10:5


Daniel Fasted & Prayed 21 Days, & an Angel Arrived

Daniel 10:6a


The Angel Had a Golden Body, a Bright Face, & Eyes Like Fire

Daniel 10:6b


The Angel Had Glowing Arms & Feet, & a Mighty Voice

Daniel 10:9


When Daniel Heard the Angel Speak, He Fainted

Daniel 10:10


Daniel Woke Up, Got Up on All Fours, & Shook With Fear

Daniel 10:11


The Angel told Daniel of God's Respect for him

Daniel 10:12


The Angel had been Trying to come for 21 Days

Daniel 10:13


The Angel had been trying to come for 21 Days, but a Demon Detained him

Daniel 10:14


The Angel came to Explain End Times things about Israel

Daniel 10:16a


The Angel Touched Daniel to Revive Him

Daniel 10:19


The Angel Spoke Peace & Strength into Daniel

Daniel 10:20


The Angel Knew some Future World Events


Joel 2:2


Judgment Day Includes God's Mighty Angel Army


Zechariah 14:5b


Jesus will Return with Angels & the Saved Dead

New Testament - click to open


Matthew 1:20


An Angel told Joseph in a Dream that God was the Father of Mary's Baby

Matthew 1:21


The Angel said Mary's Baby was the Savior

Matthew 1:24


Joseph Obeyed the Angel's Dream Command

Matthew 2:19


God Uses Angels to Communicate in Dreams

Matthew 2:20


God's Angel told Joseph to Return to Israel when Herod Died

Matthew 2:21


Joseph Obeyed God's Messenger & brought Jesus from Egypt to Israel

Matthew 2:22


Joseph Obeyed God's Messenger again & Returned Jesus to Galilee

Matthew 13:41


In the End, Angels Will Remove the Ungodly From the Kingdom

Matthew 13:42


In the End, Angels Will Put the Ungodly In a Painful Blazing Furnace

Matthew 22:7


The King Sent His Army to Destroy the Home of Disobedient Servants

Matthew 25:31


Jesus will Return with His Angels, & Sit On His Throne


Luke 8:10a


Secrets about Heaven are Hidden in the Bible

Luke 16:22


The Godly Are Carried to Heaven by Angels

Luke 24:22b-23a


Angels Revealed that Jesus was Literally Resurrected


Acts 1:10


Angels Appeared Immediately After Jesus's Ascension

1 Corinthians    

1 Corinthians 6:3


We Will Command & Judge Angels In Eternity

2 Corinthians    

2 Corinthians 1:19


God & Jesus Always Do What They Say


Galatians 1:8


God Condemns All Who Preach a Distorted Gospel Message, Man or Angel

Galatians 3:19b


The Law of Moses was given through Angels


Colossians 1:16a


God Created a Vast Unseen Dimension That We Can't See Yet

Colossians 1:16b


God Created a Vast Unseen Dimension with Authorities & Territories

1 Timothy    

1 Timothy 5:21


Angels Witnessed Paul's Teachings


Hebrews 1:14


Angels are Sent by God to Serve People Who Will Be Saved

Hebrews 2:5


We will Rule the New World with Jesus (Not Angels)

1 Peter    

1 Peter 3:22


Jesus Has Complete Authority Over All Angels & Demons

2 Peter    

2 Peter 2:11


Angels are Powerful, Yet Refrain from Accusing the Ungodly


Jude 6


Angels Knew Their Limits, But Some Rebelled & Exceeded Them


Revelation 5:13


When Jesus is Crowned, Every Creature will Praise Him

Revelation 12:4a


The Dragon of Revelation 12 Led an Angelic Rebellion

Revelation 12:7


Satan & His Angels Rebelled, & Fought Michael & the Faithful Angels

Revelation 12:8


Satan & His Angels Lost Their Place in Heaven

Revelation 22:6a


You Can Trust that We'll Co-Rule Forever (Confirmed by an Angel)