Biblical Insights About Demons


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Genesis 3:14


Sin brought a Curse, but the Serpent's Curse was Worse
Genesis 6:2


Demons took Human Women & lived as though Married

Genesis 6:4a


Nephilim Resulted from the evil Union of Demons & Human Women

Genesis 6:4b


Nephilim were Famous, Mighty Warriors of Long Ago
Leviticus 17:7 #875 God was jealous that goat-like demon gods were being worshiped in Israel.
Numbers 25:2 #34 Satan uses evil women to get men to abandon God and worship others.
Deuteronomy 31:16a #432 God Recognizes Demon gods as Rulers of Specific Lands
Deuteronomy 31:16b #433 God Knew Israel Would Break Covenant & Worship demon gods
Deuteronomy 32:17 #675 Satan, current god of this world, sometimes moves his demons to new places.
Joshua 24:2


Abraham's Father (Terah) Worshiped Other gods
Judges 3:5-6 #853 Most of Israel Failed God's Tests, Serving Many false demon gods
Judges 9:46 #349 Demon god Baal-berith was a "lord of the covenant" worshipped in Shechem.
Judges 10:10 #1096 Israel Confessed their Idolatry & Prayed, but Still Worshipped Idols (Demons)
Judges 10:16 #1101 Israel Put Away All Foreign gods, & God Was Filled With Compassion
Judges 16:23a #947 Demon god Dagon was worshiped in Philistine cities of Gaza and Ashdod.
1 Samuel    
1 Samuel 5:2 #1530 Satan's servant Dagon--assigned to Gaza and Ashdod--was honored with the Ark.
1 Samuel 5:3 #1531 Demons are inferior to God; Dagon was even made to bow to the Ark.
1 Samuel 5:4a #1532 Philistines Put the Ark Back Before Dagon, & Dagon Bowed to It Again
1 Samuel 5:4b #1533 When Dagon Bowed to the Ark Again, it broke in Pieces on the Threshold
1 Samuel 5:5 #1534 Dagon Worshipers No Longer Step on the Threshold in His Temple
1 Samuel 5:6


God Sent a Plague of Mice & Tumors on the Philistines
1 Samuel 5:7 #1536 The Philistines Realized God was More Powerful than Dagon
1 Samuel 5:8


The Philistines had a Conference, & Decided to Move the Ark to Gath
1 Samuel 5:9


The Philistines Moved the Ark to Gath, so God Sent Tumors to Gath's People
1 Samuel 5:10


The Philistines Moved the Ark to Ekron, & the People of Ekron Cried in Fear
1 Samuel 5:11a


The Philistines Sent the Ark of God back to Israel
1 Samuel 5:11b


The Philistines Sent the Ark of God back to Israel Because they Feared Him
1 Samuel 5:12


The Philistines Died or Got Cancer while they had Israel's Ark
1 Samuel 16:23 #388 Satan's demonic forces simply can't stand praise and worship of the true King.
1 Samuel 28:3b


King Saul Banned all Occultic Activity in Israel
1 Kings    

1 Kings 11:5


Solomon worshiped demon god Ashtoreth of the Sidonians

1 Kings 11:7a #882 Demon god Chemosh was worshiped extensively in the land of Moab.
1 Kings 11:7b #883 Demon god Molech was worshiped extensively by the Ammonites.
1 Kings 18:20 #987 Ahab Sent Word Throughout Israel: God vs Baal @ Mount Carmel
1 Kings 18:21 #988 Elijah Asked Israel To Choose God Over Baal

1 Kings 18:22 #989 It Was God & Elijah vs Baal & His 450
1 Kings 18:23 #990 God & Baal were to Supply the Fire
1 Kings 18:24 #991 Whoever Supplied the Fire Would be the True God
1 Kings 18:27 #993 Elijah Taunted Baal's Prophets
1 Kings 18:28 #994 Baal's Prophets Prayed Louder & Cut Themselves to Get his Attention
1 Kings 18:29 #995 Baal's Prophets Prayed all Afternoon, but No Answer
1 Kings 18:38 #1002 God sent Fire from Heaven to Embarass Baal
2 Kings    
2 Kings 1:16a #854 Demon god Baal-zebub Was Over Ekron
2 Kings 2:11 #516 Satan is god of this world for now, so Elijah needed an angelic escort to God.

2 Kings 5:18 #849 Demon god Rimmon Was Over Syria

2 Kings 17:16b


Demon god Baal was worshiped by Israel in Jerusalem

2 Kings 17:26 #1628 Satan sets up many false gods for you to worship instead of the Lord.
2 Kings 17:27 #1629 Satan has many demon gods who seek the worship of the people of each land.
2 Kings 17:29a #1631 Satan doesn't mind you worshiping God--as long as you're polytheistic, also worshiping demons.
2 Kings 17:30a #1632 Demon god Succoth-benoth was worshiped in the land of Babylon.
2 Kings 17:30b #1633 Demon god Nergal was worshiped in the Babylonian city of Cuthah.
2 Kings 17:30c #1634 Demon god Ashima was worshiped in the Samarian city of Hamah.
2 Kings 17:31a #335 Demon god Nibhaz--a barking dog god--was worshipped in the area of the Avvites.
2 Kings 17:31b #336 Demon god Tartak--prince of darkness--was worshipped in the area of the Avvites.
2 Kings 17:31c #343 Sepharvaim had demon god Adrammelech--a sun god honored by sacrificing babies.
2 Kings 17:31d #344 Sepharvaim had demon god Anammelech--a quail god honored by sacrificing babes.
2 Kings 19:36-37 #819 Demon god Nisroch Was Over Nineveh in Assyria

2 Kings 23:13b


Solomon built a worship place for demon god Molech of the Ammonites

1 Chronicles    
1 Chronicles 28:9a #367 We Must Learn to Know, Worship, & Serve Only God
2 Chronicles    
2 Chronicles 11:15 #876 Demon gods Resembling Goats & Calves Were Worshiped In Israel
2 Chronicles 18:20 #976 God Lets Demons Speak In His Strategy Sessions for Earth
2 Chronicles 18:21 #977 God Sent a Lying Demon to Deceive King Ahab
2 Chronicles 18:22 #978 God Sent a Lying Demon to Deceive King Ahab Through False Prophets
Job 1:14-15 #925 Satan uses humans against humans in his attacks on our lives.
Job 1:16 #926 Satan Had God's Permission to Attack, & Used Lightning to Do So
Job 2:2 #828 Satan is Currently Free to Roam the Earth
Psalm 2:4


God Laughs at Rebels from His Throne
Psalm 2:5


God is Angry with those who Rebel
Psalm 18:14 #526 Purifying Fire from God Scatters & Confuses His Enemies
Psalm 37:13 #534 God Laughs at the Wicked & Sees their Future Demise

Psalm 37:20


The Wicked Will Disappear from the Earth

Psalm 68:1 #559 When God Arrives, His Enemies Will Scatter
Psalm 68:1 #559 When God Arrives, His Enemies Will Scatter
Psalm 97:3 #564 God's Arrival Brings Purifying Fire that Destroys His Enemies
Psalm 106:36-38 #351 Satan's demons were accepting the child blood-sacrifices being offered to idols.
Psalm 119:119 #593 God Will Remove the Wicked from the Earth
Proverbs 29:18


God's Revelations Restrain Evil & Brings Happiness to the Obedient

Isaiah 14:12 #654 Satan was removed from his appointed position in God's heaven.
Jeremiah 7:6 #893 Follow the True God, or Your Life Will be Ruined
Jeremiah 33:3


Pray to God & You will Learn Important Secrets

Jeremiah 44:17


Demon god "Queen of Heaven" was in Jerusalem

Jeremiah 46:25


Demon god Amon was over Thebes in Egypt

Jeremiah 50:2b


Demon gods Bel & Marduk were worshiped by the Nation of Babylon
Jeremiah 51:44 #911 Demon god Bel (Baal) Was Over Babylon
Daniel 10:2-3 #835 Daniel Fasted & Prayed 21 Days
Daniel 10:5 #836 Daniel Fasted & Prayed 21 Days, & an Angel Arrived
Daniel 10:12 #842 The Angel had been Trying to come for 21 Days
Daniel 10:13 #843 The Angel had been trying to come for 21 Days, but a Demon Detained him
Amos 5:25-26 #350 Demons gods Sakkuth and Kaiwan were worshipped by Israel in the wilderness.
Jonah 2:8


Worship False gods & You Reject God's Mercy
Jonah 2:9


Accept & Worship God & you have access to Salvation & Deliverance
Zephaniah 3:8a #642 Satan and his forces don't stand a chance when God arrives to bring justice.

Zephaniah 3:12 #646 When Satan's rebels are removed, only the godly will remain.

New Testament - click to open


Matthew 4:8


Satan Claimed All the World Kingdoms As His Own

Matthew 4:9


Satan Offered All the World Kingdoms To Jesus

Matthew 4:10


Satan Offered Jesus The World, & Jesus Didn't Deny Satan's Ownership

Matthew 11:25


God Hides Things from Some, & Reveals them to Others

Matthew 12:24


Satan Is Evil, & Prince of all Demons, But Non-Physical

Matthew 12:26


Satan Rules an Unseen, Unified Kingdom

Matthew 13:38


Jesus's Parable of the Weeds Reveals the World is God's & Satan is Polluting It

Matthew 16:18b


The Lord's Church Will Overcome All Attacks

Matthew 22:5-6


The King's Messengers are often Mistreated & Sometimes Killed

Matthew 25:41


Hell Was Created for Satan & His Angel Rebels (Demons)

Matthew 27:3


Judas Betrayed Jesus for 30 Pieces of Silver - Literally

Matthew 28:18


Jesus Has Complete Authority in the Seen and the Unseen

Mark 1:10 #183 Satan is temporary "god of this world;" the Spirit descended, war escalated.
Mark 1:12 #185 Satan waits in ambush for all who have experienced baptism to tempt and harass.
Mark 1:23-24 #910 Demons Know they are Headed to Destruction
Luke 8:12 #210 Satan vigorously attacks the very moment the gospel message is taught to you.
Acts 7:43 #879 Rephan was a Demon Star god Worshiped in Israel
Romans 7:21 #221 Satan works to win you over through small, mental, daily decisions.
Romans 7:23a #223 Satan is a powerful enemy at war for your soul through mental dilemmas.
Romans 8:38b #822 Hell's Powerful Demons Work to Separate Us from God
1 Corinthians    
1 Corinthians 2:6 #229 Heavenly Wisdom Will Conquer Satan's Forces
1 Corinthians 2:8 #231 Satan's demonic rulers wouldn't have killed Jesus if they'd understood God's plan.
1 Corinthians 10:19-20 #352 Satan's unseen demons accepted all the sacrifices were offered to idols.
1 Corinthians 15:24 #111 Satan and his forces are doomed to defeat at the second coming.
1 Corinthians 15:33


You Can be Deceived about the Truth - Bad Friends Corrupt You
2 Corinthians    

2 Corinthians 1:19


God & Jesus Always Do What They Say

2 Corinthians 2:11b


Scripture Reveals How Satan Schemes to Enslave You

2 Corinthians 12:7


Paul's Thorn in the Flesh Involved a Demon

2 Corinthians 12:8


God Repeatedly Refused to Remove Paul's Thorn in the Flesh



Galatians 1:4


Jesus Died to Rescue Us

Galatians 1:8


God Condemns All Who Preach a Distorted Gospel Message, Man or Angel

Galatians 1:9


God will Curse All Who Preach a Distorted Gospel Message



Ephesians 1:21 #269 Satan doesn't want you to know Christ commands all unseen authorities.
Ephesians 1:22 #270 Satan doesn't want you aware that Christ has authority over everything.
Ephesians 3:10 #823 God Uses the Church to Display His Wisdom to Unseen Authorities
Ephesians 6:11 #190 Satan has specific, organized strategies and tricks designed to discourage you.
Ephesians 6:12 #191 Satan and his forces in the unseen are very powerful, but they are not invincible.
Ephesians 6:13 #192 Satan is unable to overwhelm you if you're protected with God's armor.
Ephesians 6:14a #193 Satan wants you to think truth is relative or completely unknowable.
Ephesians 6:16 #196 Satan attacks with all kinds of approaches to weaken us: worry, death, fear, etc.
Ephesians 6:17a #197 Satan wants you to neglect to protect your mind as he battles to control you.
Ephesians 6:17b #198 Satan wants you to neglect knowing the Bible because that makes you vulnerable.
Ephesians 6:18 #199 Satan wants you totally unaware of how prayer puts you in the heart of the battle.
Philippians 3:18 #273 Satan and his followers are all enemies of the cross of Jesus.
Colossians 2:8 #874 Unbiblical Teaching Originates from Satan & his Demons
Colossians 1:13 #695 Satan's is a kingdom of darkness and evil in contrast to God's kingdom of light.
Colossians 1:16a #831 God Created a Vast Unseen Dimension That We Can't See Yet
Colossians 1:16b #832 God Created a Vast Unseen Dimension with Authorities & Territories
Colossians 2:15 #826 God Disarmed the Forces Against Us through the Cross of Christ
2 Thessalonians    
2 Thessalonians 1:7 #375 Satan and all who follow his rebellion will be removed by Jesus's powerful angels.
2 Thessalonians 2:8 #463 Satan's Antichrist is destined to lose his confrontation with Jesus Christ.
2 Thessalonians 2:9 #464 Satan will empower his Antichrist with the power to perform fake miracles.
2 Timothy    

2 Timothy 2:26


Satan Traps & Controls People

1 Peter    

1 Peter 3:22


Jesus Has Complete Authority Over All Angels & Demons

2 Peter    

2 Peter 1:4b


God's Promises Let Us Share in His Divinity & Avoid being Ruined by Evil

2 Peter 2:4 #1555 Satan is allowed to roam for now, but some demons are in hell.
1 John    

1 John 2:21


God's Spirit Indwells Christians so they can Distinguish Truth from Lies

1 John 3:8b #908 Jesus Came to Undo Satan's Work
1 John 4:1 #283 Test the Spirits Around You to see if they are From God
1 John 4:2 #284 Satan--or a demon--prevents non-Christians from saying, "Jesus is Lord."
1 John 4:3 #285 People With A Demon Spirit Won't Acknowledge Jesus
1 John 4:4 #286 God's Holy Spirit Is Greater Than Any Demon Spirit
1 John 4:6 #288 People with Demon Spirits are Deceived & Won't Listen to Truth
1 John 5:19 #862 Satan is in allowed to be in control of the entire planet--for now.
Jude 6 #342 Satan led some angelic authorities to disobey God and exceed His limitations.

Revelation 3:7b


God Clears Your Path, & No One Can Stop Him

Revelation 5:13 #759 When Jesus is Crowned, Every Creature will Praise Him
Revelation 6:10 #735 Satan and his rebels will one day face the vengeance of God.
Revelation 12:4a #575 The Dragon of Revelation 12 Led an Angelic Rebellion
Revelation 12:7 #582 Satan & His Angels Rebelled, & Fought Michael & the Faithful Angels
Revelation 12:8 #583 Satan & His Angels Lost Their Place in Heaven